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New Coaches

Geneva Lake United Soccer Club welcomes inexperienced coaches. The Director of Coaching and the club board have assembled some resources to help you get started. Please start by reviewing these resources on the New Soccer Coach page. Once you have these basics clearly in mind, please proceed to use the rest of this site as a resource.

Find Activities for Your Training Sessions

The primary objective of this website is serve as a database containing soccer training activities used by experienced coaches in their own training sessions. You can search for activities below.

You can browse all the activities in the system.

You can view the activities categorized by the phase of the training session:

You can view the activities categorized by the appropriate age:

You can print the activities using the "printable version" link visible in the left menu.

Please see our Running Effective Training Sessions page for information and guidance on planning and executing effective training sessions as well as tools you can use in your planning.

Instructional Videos

Former Director of Coaching Leo Bourneuf created the series of videos below to help coaches and players understand and teach fundamental skills of soccer.

You can watch the entire series by pressing play below or select one of the eight chapters from the menu in the upper left corner.

GLU Coaching Philosophy

The GLUSC Board and Director of Coaching collaborated to create a written Club Coaching Philosophy. This document outlines the club's approach to coaching and provides guidance to all GLUSC coaches. This philosophy borrows from many sources and attempts to follow guidance provided by US Soccer and US Youth Soccer.

Soccer Rules

FIFA Laws of the Game

As the governing body for international soccer, FIFA publishes the official Laws of the Game. This set of rules focuses on international professional soccer. The rules are adapted by local organizations sponsoring youth soccer (see below).

Adaptations for Youth Games

The US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) maintains the official youth rules incorporating adaptations to the Laws of the Game.

The Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) also supplies information on rules pertaining to Wisconsin youth leagues.

Stateline League Rules

Most of GLUSC's teams participate in the local recreational Stateline League encompassing Walworth County and some surrounding areas. They publish the rules for the Stateline League.