4v4 Possession to Targets

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This is a possession activity that is "directional" - meaning that it is played towards a specific direction or goal.


Expanded Small-sided Activities

Appropriate Ages

U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, High School

How to Play

Equipment & Setup

  • 40x30 yard area with a marked center line
  • Two teams of 5-6 players each
  • Each team has one player outside the area past the goal line


  • Teams score by passing to their target player
    • Scoring team retains possession, but must return to their defensive half in order to score again
  • Target players are limited to 2 touches

Coaching Points

  • Create space with angled runs and accurate passes
  • Attack with first touch (open body position)
  • Passing technique: plant foot even with ball, toe up heel down, step into pass, strike center of ball, follow through straight towards target
  • Receiving technique: body side-on, toe up heel down, cushion ball by giving with receiving foot on contact, first touch away from defenders


  • Limit target players to 1 touch
  • Limit other players to 2 or 3 touches
  • Teams score by completing a pass to the target AND a pass back to another team member (3 player combination)
  • Inside player (passer) switches places with target players after goals are scored