3 Teams Shooting in Area

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This is a very fast-paced and fun game for players with higher skill levels. It is competitive and focuses on finishing in crowded situations.


Small-sided Activities

Appropriate Ages

U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, High School

How to Play

Equipment & Setup

  • Three teams of 3 or 4 players each plus one keeper
  • Supply of balls in the "D"
  • Penalty area with full-sized goal


  • Two teams are inside the penalty area and ready to play; one team is spread out around the outside of the area
  • Play is confined to the penalty area except the team outside serves as rebounders (1 or 2 touch to return to team who passed it to them)
  • Coach serves the ball into the area and the two teams compete for possession
  • Either team can shoot or score
  • Scoring team stays in the area and team scored on leaves and is replaced by the team on the outside
  • Teams keep their aggregate scores

Coaching Points

  • Shoot early as soon as you have opportunity; even if it is a half-chance
    • Don't wait for the perfect opportunity, be a little greedy
  • Follow shots to get rebounds
  • Move the ball around the area quickly
  • Shoot low, hard, far post
  • Move without the ball to create chances; feint to get space
  • When you don't have the ball, you need to mark opponents tightly


  • Restrict outside team to 1 touch
  • Restrict play inside the area to 2 touches